Find Out Why Your Car Needs Professional Wheel Balancing

Tyres are important components of vehicles because they cover and protect the rims for maximum vehicle performance. But with regular use, it is possible for the tyres to wear out and in most cases, they wear out unevenly. If your tyres start to wear out, it is time to look for experts in wheels and tyres Sydney has today, to reduce vibration on the steering wheel and floorboard. This will also keep you safe while driving on any road conditions.

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First off, wheel balancing is an essential practice for every car owner to ensure that he or she maintains optimal driving performance. However, this is possible only when you engage professional mechanics to provide effective maintenance.

The Process of Wheel Balancing

When you take your car to experts in wheels and tyres Sydney market has today, your car will come out more efficient than before. But what usually takes place for your car to reach a certain level of efficiency?

Experts in wheel balancing are qualified and experienced in auto mechanics, and therefore, apply the best knowledge to ensure that your car wheels rotate evenly at all times. For that reason, they perform the following:

  • Remove your car’s tyres and wheels
  • Monitor the wheels on a special machine to detect any problem
  • Check to find out any imbalance around the axles
  • Attach appropriate lead weights to balance the weight, in case of imbalance
  • Mount back the wheels and tyres and test the car to confirm it is in excellent condition.

It is important to realize that a reliable company for wheels and tyres Sydney offers today will back up the wheel balancing service with a warranty.

Wheel Balancing and Vehicle Performance

While it is normal for car wheels and tyres to experience changes in weight distribution, it is important to know that those changes can cause uneven tread wear on the tyres. For that reason, you need to carry out regular wheel balancing to ensure that your tyres wear out evenly and to minimize unnecessary vibrations that affect your car’s performance. Some of the potential benefits of professional wheel balancing include:

  • The wheels are properly aligned, leading to a comfortable ride, especially over long distances;
  • Balancing improves your car’s drivetrain components; and
  • It reduces tyre wear.

How Frequent Should You Do Wheel Balancing?

Many car owners take too long before they carry out wheel balancing on their cars. This is dangerous for the performance of the car, as it can lead to the development of major problems. When experts detect imbalances early, they apply appropriate actions to arrest them before they become deeply rooted.

Experts suggest that you should take the car for professional wheel balancing each time after covering between 5000 and 10,000 kilometers. Some tyres, however, can hold their balance for a longer period than others do.

Signs That Your Car Needs Wheel Balancing

As the owner of the car, you need to remain alert to detect any strange sign that may herald wheel balancing. Some major signs to watch out for include:

  • The steering wheel vibrates when you drive at highway speed;
  • Seat or floorboard vibrates when you drive at highway speed;
  • You notice strange treadwear patterns on your tyres.

When you notice such signs, it is time to call an expert. In Sydney, you can get professional advice and help about wheel balancing from Tyre Empire. Visit their website at

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Cristy Lamb