Peugeot cars for style, safe driving and higher mileage

Peugeot automobile, France has introduced varieties of cars that are suitable for all classes of car enthusiasts. The company has showcased family cars, luxury cars and also sports cars. In addition to these, Peugeot also manufactures commercial vehicles. In the sports category, Peugeot 4008 is known for its enchanting design and excellent performance. You may visit any of the authorized showrooms to take a closer look at the new Peugeot 4008.

new peugeot 4008

Contemporary European style:

 Every new design of Peugeot cars emphasizes on passenger safety, higher mileage and flawless performance. Take, for example, the new Peugeot 4008 which is known for its contemporary European style. Further, this model of Peugeot car is provided with 16” alloy wheelbase, which makes it ideal for driving even on uneven terrain.

Salient features:

Apart from these, the new Peugeot 4008 cars are provided with multipoint F/INJ engine, which can produce 197-Nm torque. The car consumes 8.1 Liters of petrol per 100 Kms. In addition to these, the car is provided with a steering wheel with multiple control features. The luxury available in the car includes air conditioner, Bluetooth, and auto wipers to name a few.

As you know, apart from 4008, Peugeot has introduced cars in several other models. Some of the popular models of cars and their salient features could be briefly explained as follows:

·        In the B segment 2-door cars, Peugeot 208 has gained popularity among the car lovers. This model car is regarded as a super-mini car without bargaining on its efficiency, passenger comfort and safety. When you take a look at the Peugeot 208 GTI model car, you will find it is provided with a 1.6-liter turbo engine with 208-BHP. The car is CO2 emission compatible. Daytime driving, powerful headlamps are some of the other salient features of this car. The cockpit is provided with 7-inch touch screen with a head-up display panel.

·        As far as Peugeot 308 is concerned, the car has several exterior features like electric rear-view mirror, darkness sensing xenon head lamps and fog lights. The car is popular for its exquisite exterior. The car is equipped with an 1560cc hdi engine which produces 1750-rpm torque. This five-seat car gives 23 kms mileage. The hatchback seat car has all the luxuries and has abundant provisions for safety. The car has a music player, air conditioner, power windows, and air bags. These are some of the utilities provided in this model.

·         In addition to these models, the manufacturers have introduced yet another popular model namely Peugeot 308 CC. This car has a 1.6-liter engine which has 112-bhp. The exterior of the car is known for its sharp design with powerful headlamps and fog lamps. The car offers enough boot space. This car is also popular for higher mileage.  Utilities like the air conditioner, Bluetooth, stereo speakers, power windows are also provided in the car. Efficient brake and air bags add to the safety of the occupants of the car.

The Peugeot cars are also known for their very low interior noise. The cars are rugged built, and they are designed to provide flawless service for considerably longer duration. As far as emission is concerned, Peugeot cars have emission levels as per accepted international standards.

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